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New novel probes illegal stem cell research


What if all the restrictions on stem cell research drove it in to unscrupulous and unethical hands? What if their resources and capacity for evil were virtually unlimited?   Stem of Evil: The Bogotá Experiments, the debut novel of author Jac Cochran, is a thriller that answers those questions.

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Date – Auchans House, a new Minnesota publisher, proudly announces the publication of Stem of Evil: The Bogotá Experiments by Jac Cochran. Initial reviews (pre-press release) on have been glowing!

From the first page Cochran skillfully weaves a narrative with credible characters, a plot with twists, turns, and surprises--packed with action. Mix all this with Cochran's fascinating primers on medical advances, technological wizardry and Asian martial arts—readers will be both educated and entertained. But the book is not all flash and dazzle. There are deeper social issues such as stem cell research ethics and unbridled corporate greed that the book forces the reader to confront. The antagonists are not fully evil, nor do the good guys always get it right. Out of its pages arise situations that reinforce the global Big Brother spying that Snowden only recently uncovered…except it’s the truly bad guys doing the spying!  Stem of Evil: The Bogotá Experiments leaps from the pages of our contemporary existence.

About Jac Cochran

Jac Cochran is a former Fortune 100 executive with an academic background in science and engineering. He is an accomplished public speaker. Jac grew up in the Red River Valley in western Minnesota. He is a student and practitioner of the martial art Soo Bahk Do, which plays a major role in the theme of the story. Jac and his family reside in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. For more information about Stem of Evil: The Bogotá Experiments, please visit the author’s website:

 For review copies or interview requests, contact the author directly:

Jac Cochran

Phone: 763-614-7680





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