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Dozens of diseased and disabled Americans have mysteriously disappeared. Steve Moss,former Army Ranger colonel, private investigator and bounty hunter, is a recent paraplegic and a depressed alcoholic. He is among the first of over 100 to disappear. An evil coalition, wanting to leap frog the competition in stem cell research,intends to use them as human guinea pigs in developing cures for a wide range of disabilities. Moss, superb strategist and master of a little known martial art called Soo Bahk Do, must overcome his problems and attempt to free his fellow captives, including the woman he loves!


Jac Cochran is a former Fortune 100 executive who is a student and practitioner of the martial art called Soo Bahk Do.

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Wow! This needs to be a movie. From the first page Cochran skillfully weaves a narrative with credible characters, a plot with twists, turns, surprises--packed with action. Mix all this with Cochran's fascinating primers on medical advances, technological wizardry and Asian martial arts--you won't be bored. But the book is not all flash and dazzle. There are deeper social issues such as stem cell research that the book forces you to confront. In a word, the antagonists are not fully evil, nor do the good guys always get it right. And out of its pages leap situations that reinforce the global Big Brother spying that Snowden only recently uncovered. Stem of Evil leaps from the pages of our contemporary existence. Pretty amazing for a first book. Can't wait for Cochran's Book 2.


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